The evolution of a Yogi.

Hey everyone, Im going to talk about one of the loves of my life, yoga.

Yeah, I know, Yoga has become super trendy these days. Girls and guys with their mats and physchedelic lycra, walking out of yoga class, totally zen.

I can attest, that initially, I was enticed by yoga with the allure of a lean bod. I also realised, that every yoga teacher seemed open minded and mutually respectful. I was intrigued by the cool shapes they made with their bodies.

Vikrasana, Tree Pose


Yogi’s are everywhere, you work with us, hang out with us, and meet us all over the world. We are musicians, sportspeople, creatives and intellects. We are humanity.

Yoga is still a fairly new practice throughout the western world, so there are a few myths surrounding it.

I love encouraging everyone I meet, to incorporate a little more yoga in their lives too. Don’t we all want that inner strength attitude?


Having a stronger mindset allowed me to free myself from giving a fuck of what everyone thinks, and give a fuck more about what I really think. Yoga played a huge part in helping me realise this.

Sirsasana – Headstand Pose

Over time and with practice, I changed from weak and inflexible, to strong, bendy and balanced. I always eat and sleep better after a good yoga session.

Meditation has helped me through times of despair and grief.

It has helped me to concentrate at work, and have better focus.

It has encouraged me speak my truth and to have confidence in my decisions in life.

I have approached situations more level headed, reaching positive outcomes, and taught myself to see light, amongst darkness.

The moment I started clearing my mind of all the bullshit, I became aware of just how powerful the two working together are.

Ustrasana, Camel Pose

Anyone, at any age, fitness and body composite can start with some simple, gentle poses.

Good vibes to everyone out there on their own journey to a higher consciousness.

Love and light to you all!

Hari Om Tat Sat


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