My Beautiful (past) Life



Hi guys, Im Vanessa! Im 32 and I’m a small town girl who grew up in the Hunter Valley, Australia. I moved to Sydney to finish my education and eventually found myself living by the beach in a small city, Newcastle.

I loved the Newcastle life – the beaches, the bars, sunsets, my amazing crew of friends, (seriously, miss you guys!) my business and of course, my loveable pooch Ziggy-Marley!

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I regularly went overseas, tripped down to see friends in Sydney often (miss you all so much!) and was always looking for fun and adventure. I felt blessed in so many ways.

I had my own business ‘Verona Skin Solutions’. A skin and beauty clinic where I could help women and men achieve their skin, beauty and relaxation goals. Work was always such a pleasure and I found the beauty industry fun and exciting! The clients were great, I enjoyed training my team, organising and planning, and just generally kicking my own personal business goals.



After a couple of years after inception, I had two clinics running, and up to 7 staff. I sold my first clinic, invested in properties and continued on with the second Verona. I did this for 10 years.

In my last year of business, I really started to question, well.. everything.

Will I be doing the same thing forever now? Is Newcastle going to be my home forever?

Do I just keep going to the same place, and doing the same thing, every day over and over again?

Do I meet someone, we get married and ‘settle down’.

Umm scary, No way! I was definitely not ready for all of these responsibilities, even though I was super happy and genuinely enjoyed the life I had made for myself.


Why am I questioning myself, I have everything I could ever want. Im happy.. Right?

Why do I have everything, and feel so unfulfilled? I felt I wanted to help more, learn more.

So, I took a huge leap of faith. I put my business on the market and sold Verona. I continued to sell as many other possessions as I could.. Designer clothes, shoes, handbags..

Then, embarked on my new life journey of indefinite travel.


For the first time in my life, I don’t have anything planned. I have no idea how long I will be travelling for. I have no reason to return home, and, I am not sure what countries I will end up in.

So, welcome guys! Keep me motivated by letting you know what you think about my stories, posts and pics.. Ness xxx


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